Friday, October 21, 2016

The AACC in the stalemate after the failure of negotiations between Canadian and Walloons – The World

The minister of canadian trade ” has left the negotiations with the Walloons and returned to Canada “, the discussions, with Europe having ” not been successful “.

Banners against the transatlantic treaty AACC in front of the walloon parliament in Namur on 21 October.

The negotiations of the last chance between the walloon government and minister of international trade of Canada have failed, Friday, October 21, the francophones of Belgium refusing to ratify the free trade agreement EU-Canada (CETA).

” It seems obvious to me, to me and in Canada, the european Union today is not capable of entering into an international agreement, even with a country that has so much european values as Canada “, ” said the minister, asked by chrystia Freeland, the out of the seat of the walloon executive.

Visibly very moved, the canadian minister added : ” Canada is disappointed, me personally I am very disappointed. I worked very hard, but I think it is impossible. We decided to go back to our house and I am very sad. “His spokesman then confirmed that Mme Freeland was returning to Canada.

Read our interview with the minister-president of Wallonia : “we can not say “this treaty is perfect, you have the choice between yes and yes ‘”

to qualify for its share of the’” low “ the result of the negotiations of the last few hours, the head of the government of Wallonia, Paul Magnette, has persisted, Friday, in its refusal to ratify any agreement.

The signature of the treaty, theoretically scheduled for 27 October, was suspended with the agreement of Wallonia, which refuses to give full powers to Brussels to sign the agreement due to a series of problems that she observes in the text. Summit meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, the Twenty-Eight separated without reaching a consensus.

Romania and Bulgaria had approved the treaty

earlier on Friday, Romania and Bulgaria had, for their part, announced that it has lifted their reservations about the signing of the CETA after having concluded a visa waiver agreement with Canada. the ” We received written guarantees ensuring that the visa regime would be abandoned to our nationals. Accordingly, we approve the Ttraité “, said the Bulgarian prime minister, Boyko Borisov.

Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, had for its part announced in the day have concluded with Canada’s ” a reasonable agreement for both parties ” and having ” no objection “ to oppose the AACC.

The two countries were long-standing a waiver of the requirement to obtain a canadian visa for their nationals, which is already afforded to the other countries of the EU, as a condition for their agreement.


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