Sunday, October 23, 2016

Parking in Paris : this time, he will have to pay ! – The Parisian

Lto the end of impunity ? The (very many) motorists who rely on the weakness of the controls to stationnersans pay in the streets of the capital may in any case have to soon change the strategy. As we reported last August, the mayor of Paris is preparing, in effect, to “privatize” the control and verbalization of the parking lot rotary pay on 140 000 places available in the capital. Anne Hidalgo, mayor (PS) of Paris, was confirmed this weekend in an interview with the Sunday Newspaper.

the announced Objective of the reform : to make up the “compliance rate” of paid parking, which has plateaued for the moment piteusement to 10 % in Paris… while it is approaching 40 % at national level. Despite the proliferation of means of payment — prepaid cards, bank cards and last year payment by smartphone — more than 9 drivers out of 10 avoid going through the check timestamp. This massive fraud would represent a shortfall of€ 300 Million for the City. “The annual operating cost of all the nurseries of Paris “, says Anne Hidalgo.

For the moment, the bad payers are verbalisables by the ASP (monitoring Agents of Paris). These 1 600 public servants, salaried by the town hall but placed at the disposal of the prefecture of police, are “in theory” to be loaded before any of the control tickets on the windshield. “With time, the prefecture of police has been a tendency to use them as reinforcements on other missions. All of a sudden the numbers are not sufficient to control everything, ” admits a trade unionist of the prefecture of police.

The reform of the statute of Paris, very soon discussed in Parliament, will allow the city council to reintegrate these ASP in the bosom of the city. They will come to swell the ranks of the new brigade anti-anti-social behaviour in the town hall. And will be at the same time relieved of the control of paid parking, which will be entrusted to ” external service providers “. For more efficiency ? Selected on tender next year, the 3 companies will share the market of verbalization in Paris (from January 2018) will of course be subject to an obligation of means… and results. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, leader of the right in paris, has said, this Sunday, in favour of this initiative.

” The provider, which will ensure a given number of controls, will aim to raise as much as possible the rate of compliance, ” sums up the town hall. Translation : bet on the absence of verbalization will become increasingly risky. All the more that the amount little deterrent PV (17 € or 4: 15 p.m. parking in the centre) could also be identified in 2018. Only “good” news for bad payers : parking prices (massively increased in 2015) will not change.

The impoundments already entrusted to the private

In terms of parking, the use of a private company to ensure a public service mission will not be a novelty. This is already the case for the impoundment of the cars in the parking lot annoying. If the police are at the two ends of the chain (recording and headland management), the removal of the cars is given to 3 private companies in the capital. Not for questions of “performance ” financial”. Contrary to popular belief (and despite an average of 250 000 kidnappings a year in the capital !), the service is structurally in deficit.

But for questions… efficiency. Even if the authorities ensure that the fouriéristes do not have a target for companies looking to maintain their markets are nonetheless in a race to performance. Of what to encourage crane operators (who have a monthly quota to achieve, and sometimes premiums beyond) to worst by targeting in priority the car more easy to remove or those who are closest to the headland.


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