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Florange (France) – François Hollande on the sly in Florange – The Express

the president of the Republic arrived very discreetly shortly after 15: 30. The head of State commended the workers, among them young people hired and representatives of the CFDT and the CFE-CFC, the two majority unions, in the lobby of the building. The journalists were asked to stay away in a special room in the basement of the building.

Several hundred yards later, the SGC had gathered since early morning, a few dozen activists to denounce the “broken promises” of the president.

This last is yet come to explain to employees that despite the closure of blast furnaces in 2013, he “has complied with all of (its)commitments ” taken during the presidential election campaign of 2012. A way to boast about its balance sheet prior to a possible announcement of candidacy at the beginning of December.

I had made two promises: to save the site and avoid any social plan. They have been held. The 650 employees who worked on the blast furnace have been reclassified on the spot, and none have been fired“, he explains in an interview to the newspapers of the group Ebra.

Mr. Holland also stresses having obtained “ $ 180 million investment of the group ArcelorMittal in Florange“, and puts forward the creation of a research centre for the steel industry of lorraine, for which the State has already been unlocked “20 million“.

According to the CGT of the site, however, on these $ 180 million actually paid by the industrial group, only 53 million was for strategic investments. The rest related, inter alia, the maintenance of the facilities and safety training, ” says the union.

But the head of State, who is making his first visit to the field since the publication of a book full of secrets presidential, which have destabilized up in his government, did not cross neither the CGT or FO, who had decided to boycott completely the presidential visit, nor South.

Reacting to the comments of Mr. Holland in the group Ebra, Lionel Burriello, of the CGT, told the AFP that “the economically active population (…) is not limited to Florange“. “You forget sub-contractors, service providers. It’s been just 1,800 jobs in the valley of the Fensch,” added the trade unionist.

The CRT has decided not to follow the President, he said. “On the prompt if he wants to come to debate, but not in these conditions“.

labour Force has taken the position of boycotting, in order “toexpose” a jumble law, work, and “the commitments are not required on the maintenance of the blast furnaces and the nationalization of the site“.

both of These unions had refused to sign the social agreement concluded in December 2012 between the management and the CFDT and CFE-CGC.

- “Nothing special” –

in the parking lot of Metafensch, the former herald of the struggle of the Florange, the trade union CFDT and now mep Edouard Martin, has cleared a visit to “which has nothing extraordinary“, and explained that the agreement of the prime minister had been complied with. The mep, FN, Florian Philippot, was present.

You don’t hear from me to say that one has achieved anything“, he added. “Everyone is free to throw the baby out with the bath water, but I will not be part of those,“.

Since the beginning of his five-year term, Mr Hollande came twice in Florange, September 2013 and November 2014, for travel every time quite booed.

This third visit risk to crystallize even more strongly the discontent against a President stuck in his confidences, embarrassing and whose popularity rating continues to plummet, six months ahead of the presidential election.

Come the first time in Florange as a candidate, in February 2012, François Hollande had raised many hopes among the workers steelworkers. Perched on a pickup truck, he had promised to enact a law that requires “large companies” wishing to separate from a production unit to “the yield to a buyer” in order to avoid its dismantling.

For many workers of ArcelorMittal, however, the closure of the blast furnaces of Florange, a year later, signed the “betrayal” the head of State.


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