Thursday, October 27, 2016

AACC : Justin Trudeau will not come to Brussels to sign the agreement with Canada-EU – The World

The canadian delegation will not make the move, Thursday, in Brussels, for the summit Canada-EU originally intended to sign the trade treaty CETA.

At the session of 26 October to the european Parliament, in Strasbourg, meps have displayed placards,

The canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has postponed his planned trip Thursday, October 27, in Brussels for the signing of the treaty of free trade between Canada and the european Union, following the failure of negotiations the belgian on the subject.

” The minister of trade [asked by chrystia Freeland] has confirmed that the canadian delegation will not go “ at the summit Canada-EU for the official signing of the treaty AACC, said Cameron Ahmad, a spokesperson for the canadian prime minister, in an email to AFP, on Wednesday evening.

The office of Justin Trudeau has confirmed that the prime minister would eventually remain in Ottawa Thursday for ” private meetings “. the ” Canada remains ready to sign this important agreement when Europe will be ready “, said Mme Freeland, quoted by his spokesman.

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see you in the morning

The release on the walloon side, has not taken place on Wednesday. the ” We are still waiting for a concrete response on the part of the federated entities “, the regions and communities, belgian, for the moment divided on the AACC, was able to find Wednesday evening, the belgian foreign minister, Didier Reynders, at the end of an umpteenth consultation meeting.

” We’ll see us tomorrow [Thursday] to 10 hours to define what will be said at the level of Belgium during a european meeting “, has added the federal minister of belgium, who refused to speak of the’” failure “.

Belgium needs to send its position in the wake of the ambassadors of the 27 member States of the EU in Brussels, which will meet Thursday, at 11 o’clock.

Pessimism in Brussels

Side of belgium, the discussions of the previous day had resumed Wednesday morning, then 15 hours. But, before the resumption of the afternoon, Rudy Demotte, minister-president of the Wallonia-Brussels federation, was already very pessimistic, according to remarks reported by the news agency Belga.

The decision to grant full powers of [the federal government to sign the treaty] will not be taken today, and is certainly not without that the Parliament has had the opportunity to form an opinion accurately. In these conditions, the holding of the EU-Canada summit this Thursday, is clearly impossible.

in remarks confirmed by the mep for the belgian Marc Tarabella (socialists) on Twitter :

If there is an agreement of Belgium, we shall submit it to the Council, the member States, and then it must come back here to the Parliaments [regional], ” said Paul Magnette, minister-president of Wallonia.

When the interruption of the discussions of the afternoon, at 17: 30, the minister of foreign affairs of belgium, Didier Reynders, had reported some progress.

” I believe that we have now stabilized all the texts, all the documents were handed to all participants, there are still probably still of current consultations, and we take up to 21 hours. I guess [it will be] to close and send the texts to the european Union.

These consultations entail, inter alia, the jurists of the different belgian governments and the parties in power, have suggested participants.

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” Yes, but …

Mr. Juncker did not acknowledge defeat : ” I am hopeful that in the course of the day an agreement can be reached between the belgian government and the walloon government “, he said on Wednesday before the european Parliament.

Even if the summit date is exceeded, ” what is important is that Belgium is an agreement “, said Mr. Juncker.


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