Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tsipras: Greece turns its back on austerity, but not to “difficulties” – The Obs

Tsipras: Greece turns its back on austerity, but not to "difficulties" – The Obs

Athens (AFP) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Saturday that the agreement Friday with the euro area on continued funding allowed Greece to “leave behind (she) austerity”, while stressing that “real difficulties” are coming.

“We won a battle but not the war (…) the real difficulties lie ahead,” he said in a televised address, Mr. Tsipras who also believes that with the compromise reached in Brussels, the country “left behind austerity, the memorandum, the troika” of creditors (EU, ECB, IMF) and thus, Greece has achieved his “main goal”.

An idea on which the Prime Minister insisted saying the radical left government Syriza won “great success” but to him “a long and difficult road.”

“We have inherited a country on the brink, empty boxes and we foiled the plan of blind conservative forces, inside and outside the country, who wanted we suffocate, “said the leader of the Syriza party

This.” long and difficult struggle “now has another” horizon “of negotiations, he said: the June when the four-month funding agreement will expire Friday and that Greece will need to present “its own development plan.”

The compromise reached in Brussels Friday night, after tough negotiations “So give time” to the country, said Mr. Tsipras

The Greek government, however, has before him another immediate term. submit by Monday night to his creditors a specific list of reforms to ratify the agreement with the euro area.

Through the list of proposed reforms appear more clearly the flexibility gained by the Greek government vis-à-vis the constraint of austerity so that He has also pledged to remain under close supervision of creditors, although the term “troika” is now banned.


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