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The story of the fake death of Martin Bouygues – Les Echos

The story of the fake death of Martin Bouygues – Les Echos

At 2:28 p.m., AFP announced the death of the French manufacturer. Before the information is contradicted by TF1 and Bouygues. Back on this incredible story as unhappy


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It was 2:28 p.m. on Saturday afternoon when a warning appeared on the wire AFP: “ Martin Bouygues died Saturday morning at his residence in the Orne (town hall) “. A bolt from the blue. A few minutes later, several media outlets – including Echos. – Send alerts to warn their readers of the death of French industrial

14 minutes later, a second telegram is more precisely: “ Industrial Martin Bouygues died Saturday morning at the age of 62, at his home in La Roche Mabile near Alençon (Orne), do we learned from the Mayor the neighboring town of Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon. “I can only confirm his death,” he told AFP Mayor Michel Julien, who declined to specify the consequences of the death of industrial. “A 2:46 p.m., Reuters also wrote that Martin Bouygues sourçant France Info.

The first articles comment to appear on news sites when lightning strikes a second time. TF1 – owned by Martin Bouygues and that therefore it is of course assuming well informed – denies the death of his boss, through Catherine Nayl. – Deputy Director of Information TF1 Group

Celel they told LCI: “ I categorically belie this information since I had myself Martin Bouygues the phone there ten minutes, it goes well, he is quite surprised by this announcement, it does not. So actually says, I belie this info and I tell you that Martin Bouygues is well . “


Then it is the CEO of TF1, Nonce Paolini, who denies this with Europe 1, the death of the French manufacturer. Then it was the turn of the Bouygues group of words against this ad from AFP. All information sites starts to back-pedal: the titles of articles on the subject and evoke change these denials. But then difficult to sort fact from fiction and above what has been happening on the side of AFP.

A little after 15 pm Francetvinfo begs the mystery: the mayor of the nearby town of Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon and AFP have … misunderstood. “ There is indeed a Mr. Martin, who died this morning, but it is not Martin Bouygues (…) The journalist told me about this death and I confirmed that Mr. Martin had died “, so says Michel Julien.


At the same time, new alerts are beginning to fuser: first to share the denial of TF1 and Bouygues group and to confirm that Martin Bouygues is actually alive and well. As for agencies, it is this time Reuters is the most quick to respond. At 3:14 p.m., it states that “ TF1 denies the death of Martin Bouygues ,” a spokesman for the group and then at 3:21 p.m. Bouygues, TF1 is on the same line.

At the AFP’s flat calm until 3:25 p.m. when a telegram says “ Management of TF1 denies the death of Martin Bouygues “. Seven minutes, the agency sends a new alert, this time written in capital: “ CANCEL “. At 3:40 p.m., the Bouygues group expressed regret that “ such a rumor could spread “. At 16h, a new telegram is sent by the AFP and is “ Customer Note “.

including It reads: “ Please do not take account of the whole series of dispatches (alert, urgent, LEAD and 2ELEAD) concerning the announcement by the death of the error Martin Bouygues. TF1 and Bouygues Directions Saturday denied to AFP the death of the industry. “This is the end of this story as unhappy as incredible. But is soon time for explanations and recriminations for some.

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