Monday, February 23, 2015

The bonus of the new head of Sanofi that goes wrong –

The bonus of the new head of Sanofi that goes wrong –

The government said it was “incomprehensible” and called for “decency” after the announcement of the grant of a € 4 million bonus to the new boss of the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi , Olivier Brandicourt.

“It is incomprehensible. How all these people, explaining that it is the merit that it is the liberal economy, risk, risk-taking that are to the results, these people, they hardly take the helm of a company – that is to say, they have not taken yet any risk – already assured of incommensurate pay? “responded Stephen. Le Foll, spokesman of the government, the RTL .

According to a document available on the website of Sanofi , Olivier Brandicourt, whose appointment was announced Thursday, will receive a gross lump sum of € 2 million during his inauguration. He currently directs the activities of the German pharmaceutical Bayer will again benefit of such a compensation group in January 2016 is still in office at that time.

Should we limit the compensation of large leaders? “We did it in public enterprises by capping wages. There must be rules that are reaffirmed, some moral” added Monday, February 23 Stéphane Le Foll. Does it passes by law? “It could be in the law but the problem is that these big companies are international,” he said.

A group that lives on Social Security

Asked RMC and BFMTV , Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal also found “not normal at all” this welcome bonus. “What we need is a bit of self-discipline in the decency of behavior,” said Segolene Royal, who “hope” that Olivier Brandicourt will give up those 4 million. “It would be a minimum,” said she said.

“On hearing this news I had received the slaughterhouse workers near the Mont Saint Michel (AIM, Ed) that were truly desperate, humiliated, scorned, who had no information about what they would become. (…) It is unacceptable to treat workers in this way. And coming back here, what I learn? A bonus of € 4 million for a boss who arrives at the head of a pharmaceutical company, “he told Ségolène Royal.

” It takes a little decency, including from pharmaceutical companies who depend on Social Security, so contributions on wages “, also said the minister,” recalls even when the drugs are not refunded the French, so it’s all finally paying French Social Security (…) who will pay the welcome bonuses boss Sanofi . “

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