Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SNCF: Wi-Fi on trains 2016 – The Point

SNCF: Wi-Fi on trains 2016 – The Point

All trains will receive an Internet connection by the end of 2016, promises the train who wants to make its digital revolution with, among others, railway equipped with touch pads or capable chairs to tell when they need be repaired. Internet access in stations and trains is the first part of this digital acceleration, and must emerge through a “cooperation” with the four mobile operators – Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free – and the telecoms regulator, ARCEP. Oars specially equipped will survey the network from March to develop a map of France with 3G / 4G connections. Work will then be carried out to improve the coverage. “What we can say, without false promises is that probably by the end of 2016 all French trains will correctly receive” Internet, said the president of SNCF, Guillaume Pepy , after a press conference.

At some stations, but also in the TGV, due to the speed, the use of Wi-Fi will be necessary. A tender is underway to equip the TGV access to the Internet, the result should be known in late June: “So far, we tested a technology that combined Wi-Fi and satellite connection, and we will move to a technology that will combine Wi-Fi in rowing 4G, “said Yves Tyrode. “The choice we made it five years ago (for Thalys and TGV Est, Ed), which had been welcomed by everyone, the satellite model has not revealed relevant nor a technical point of view or from a commercial point of view, “said Guillaume Pepy.

Budget € 450 million

The mobile connection as well as unique SNCF implementation, commissioning in January, are the tip of the promised revolution by the public group. All production processes, maintenance, maintenance must also evolve. “We get to make locomotives and trains self-diagnosis,” which “to rearrange maintenance to run the train much faster and have trains that are much more reliable,” still glad Guillaume Pepy. He added that “it is quite possible to imagine that a wheelchair is able himself to tell if it needs repair.”

As for the SNCF agents, maintenance hardware and network monitoring will be on shelf, which should allow to dematerialize the documentation and procedures and to facilitate the processing and analysis of data. Yves Tyrode, it is “simplify their job” and to “improve the quality of service and punctuality.” “In an industrial company like ours, it is a true revolution in quality and production efficiency,” said the head of the SNCF. “An important part of our investment will be devoted to this digital acceleration,” he said, adding that the group plans for the three-year deployment plan, dubbed #DIGITALSNCF an order’s annual budget 150 million euros a year.

To invest in start-ups involved in its digital transformation, the SNCF in June will create an investment fund with 30 million euros three years, which will invest in 12-15 projects. Good ideas internally will be grouped within the store.SNCF developed “on the model of the Apple Store,” while the leaders of digital projects, developers and users will take their projects from Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon and San Francisco “federate a vast digital community SNCF able to carry the company in this evolution.”


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