Friday, February 27, 2015

SNCF plans to cut 9,000 jobs by 2020 –

SNCF plans to cut 9,000 jobs by 2020 –

The job cuts at the train will continue at a steady pace, said Thursday expertise delivered to the Central Works Council (CEC) that nearly 9,000 jobs Net could disappear by 2020.

The study, whose guidelines were presented to the press, had been sought by all the unions in the fall to help the CEC measure the impact of railway reform passed last summer.

The CEC will be consulted on March 10 implementation within the group, which now includes the 149,000 employees of the train and 1,500 employees Réseau Ferré de France (RFF).

This reform to allow the new train of be more competitive and efficient is always strongly criticized by the CGT-Railwaymen and SUD-rail, causing a long strike in June.

According to Arnaud Eymery, the Degest cabinet reform August 4, 2014 imposes savings targets that have “a heavy impact on employment”, especially in the Mobility division, the operator trains. The firm expects in that class for about 10,000 full-time equivalent cuts in five years, “an acceleration of 25 to 60% of the rate of enrollment decline” compared to recent years.

Renovation ways

According to the projections of the firm, established on forecasts of expected gains in 2020 reported the average cost of an agent, such losses would nevertheless be partly offset by hiring train Networking (at a rate of 800 people per year) to ensure the broad pathways renovation program begun in 2014.

According to the figures obtained by AFP report Degest, staff of the public group would fall by 149,000 to 140,000 people between 2014 and 2020 (143,000 in low case).

The firm also predicts an increase in -traitance and “a significant decrease” in the number of lines in his qu’accentuera announced the liberalization of the transport cars, rail competitor.

25,000 fewer jobs since 2003

In view of the conclusions “not reassuring” expertise, the secretary of the CEC, Céline Simon (CGT) on Thursday urged the leadership to open “genuine dialogue” with union representatives on the reorganization and “the organization of production, “too much” siled “she said between train Mobility, train Network and the establishment head train .

Within the CEC, this position is not shared by all. Thus, for Roger Dillenseger (Unsa) if the calculations of expertise are “realistic”, approached the deletions “are not a consequence of the reform.” With “retard”, “the CGT wants to remake the game,” said he.

Between 2003 and 2013, the number of the public group has already melted 25,000 people to hit retirement not replaced. For 2015, management announced over a thousand job cuts.

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