Sunday, February 22, 2015

LEGO brand becomes world champion –

LEGO brand becomes world champion –

Multi study by a British firm has concluded that Lego has become the most powerful brand in the world. A result not so surprising as it seems.

Lego vs. Ferrari: when the small Danish man exceeds the Italian sports car

This study by the British firm Brand Finance focuses on numerous criteria and goes far beyond the simple balance sheet. Indeed, criteria such as marketing investment and the capital sympathy trademarks or employee satisfaction are taken into account and that is what led to the conclusion that Lego is the clear winner.

The Danish toy giant building had recently dethroned Mattel (Barbie dolls and) the classification of toy brands. But now Ferrari, the famous Italian brand sports car that has just replaced Lego on top of the podium of the most powerful brands in the world. Certainly, Apple, with a few $ 128 billion, remains well ahead in terms of economic value, but this Multi study also focuses on the aspects covered, for example, the image and the sympathy generated by the brand.

Lego: a great story enhanced by the animated film

One reason for this renewed success is the media and economic impact brought by the animated film “The Lego Movie “released in 2014. In fact, the film, with some $ 450 million in revenue gleaned from around the world, was not only a commercial success, but also helped to give a more positive Lego brand. This renewed brand popularity has greatly contributed to the victory of Lego in this new classification Brand Finance.


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