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Investments: new outflows for the Livret A and LDD in the month … –

Investments: new outflows for the Livret A and LDD in the month … –

( – The months go by and look for the Livret A and LDD … In January, they again suffered heavy withdrawals: € 850 million for the Livret A and 200 million for the LDD. Cumulatively, the two books have therefore again passed the billion euros of outflows last month.

€ 11 billion withdrawn since May 2014

We can talk about hemorrhaging after 6.14 billion euros last year removed by investors. Worse, since May 2014 (beginning of outflows of movement), the Livret A and LDD saw flying over 11 billion euros. Despite the interest payment in December, stocks remain well below what they were a year ago: 364.1 billion euros in January 2015 against 369.4 billion euros in January 2014.

Life insurance benefits!

The reasons for this disenchantment are simple. Since last August, the rate of the Livret A and LDD fell 1%. But even if inflation floor allows both products to maintain a significantly positive real rate, the psychological impact of this rate to 1% is obvious. It is even more than other products and have found a competitive advantage. The comeback of life insurance (21 billion collected in 2014) is proof. The good surprise came also the ELP attracted € 18 billion last year. Although with a gross rate of 2.5% until January, he seemed to promise a net return of 2.11%.

Since the beginning of the month, the rate was reduced to 2% (1.69% net of deductions). That said, the plans open before February 1, retain a 2.5% gross. This suggests that transfers movements yet occurred in January between the Livret A and LDD on one side and ELP another. Moreover, a recent survey has shown that if the French are still many want to save in 2015, the Livret A is far from achieving a plebiscite …

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