Thursday, February 26, 2015

Areva unions fear an “unprecedented social impact” – Boursorama

Areva unions fear an "unprecedented social impact" – Boursorama

The logo of the French nuclear group Areva (AFP / File / Charly Triballeau)

The logo of the French nuclear group Areva (AFP / File / Charly Triballeau)

Areva Unions say fear a “unprecedented social impact” after the early announcement of results financial disaster for the French nuclear group, citing uncertainties “poison employees.”

In a letter to François Hollande, accessed on Thursday by AFP, the CFE-CGC relays “bitterness and the wrath of employees “which, although having” no responsibility in this situation, “” discover with amazement the financial shipwreck of their group. “

The union is concerned about the” current dramatic context capable of unprecedented social impact “before the announcement of the competitiveness plan that shall detail the company next Wednesday at the presentation of its final results.

Areva beat the publication of its 2014 financial results announcement on Monday a net loss provisional record of 4.9 billion euros, mainly due to new provisions and impairment of certain assets.

“Formidable sacrifices and efforts on the employment and the statutes of the employees are already advertised on the sly to trade unions “, wrote in his letter to the president, Cyril Vincent, CFE-CGC coordinator of the group 45,000 employees worldwide (end figures 2013).

Management prepares indeed the unions to possible job cuts, which would be a first for the group held more than 87% by public capital, confirmed to AFP Jean Pierre Bachmann of CFDT.

But it does not advance any figure and refuses to reveal the outline of its competitiveness plan, which could include up to one billion euros in savings, according to unions.

“On the plane working hypotheses, it is carefully kept away. They talk about the magnitude, but they do not tell us what exactly is happening. It poisons the workers,” Mr. plague Bachmann.

“It is believed that the use will be touched everywhere, because from the moment when it comes to cost reduction, we know the recipes,” he sighs, citing possible attacks on collective security and staff.

On the use precisely the CFDT does not expect to specific ads Wednesday, although a European Works Council is expected after the publication of results. Announcements of job cuts should be declined locally in the different business central committees.


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